Golf in Ecuador...? Absolutely!

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“Ready to tee off, an undulating landscape in front of you and the majestic snow capped peaks of the Andes Mountains in the background”

Arguably Ecuador is perhaps one of the most magical destinations in South America. You probably know the Galápagos Islands and on our website we tell you everything about the great biodiversity in nature and landscapes of the Amazon, the Andes and the beautiful coast. But did you know that you can also play fantastic golf in Ecuador?

The power of visualization is said to be an important aspect of golf. Close your eyes and imagine this: you are ready to tee off, an undulating landscape with small rivers in front of you and the beautiful snow capped peaks of the Andes Mountains in the background. Or better yet, a smoking volcano that adds an exotic element to the game. Golf is a much played game in Ecuador and the country has a few great golf courses.

What to expect?

Ecuador is situated on the equator and the weather is comfortable to play all year round. The sun almost always shines and the temperature is on average at 25°C, whereby it can rise to 30°C on the coast and decrease to lower temperatures in the Andes Mountains.

Golf is a very exclusive sport in Ecuador and many golf courses were until recently only accessible to members. However, this does not mean that you will encounter a pretentious, tense atmosphere. On the contrary, people in Ecuador are very hospitable and they will receive you with a genuine smile and interest. The clothing etiquette is as you would expect on a good course: a shirt with collar and sleeves and a bermuda or long pants; for the ladies also a dressed skirt or dress. Please note that the sun shines brighter on the equator and you will therefore certainly have to wear a cap or hat. To protect against the sun, it is also advisable to wear a long-sleeved shirt.

Almost all golf courses in Ecuador are part of a spa or resort that focuses on different sports and relaxation for the whole family. Even if your fellow travelers don’t play, you can still enjoy a wonderful day. While taking up the challenge with the course, other visitors can use the swimming pool or tennis club and relax in the spa. This way, everyone can enjoy the spectacular outdoor environment offered by this picturesque country.


You play at a high level in Ecuador, literally! Near to Cuenca the elevation will be 2,500 meters and in Quito you sometimes even play above 2,700 meters. In comparison, in Europe the highest course, Cervino, lies at the foot of the Matterhorn, at 2,100 meters. Because of this altitude you will notice that your stamina drops; your lungs can absorb less oxygen because of the low air pressure. The advice is to play quietly and especially to drink more water than you are used to. A reassuring thought is that your ball will fly farther than you ever imagined possible! Some golf facts that can influence your game at a higher elevation (source: Titleist):

You can calculate the extra length that you will experience by multiplying the following percentage by your distance at sea level: multiply the height (measured in feet) by 0.00116. For example, if you play in Cuenca, at 8,200 feet, the increase is almost 10% (8,200 x 0.00116 = 9.512).

The rotation of a golf ball (partly the cause of the lift) does not decrease at great heights. However, the thin air gives less resistance to your ball, so that it rises less. The result is a flatter path on your longer strokes, a lower descent angle and a longer roll.

It is also remarkable that, due to the lower forces, slice and draw effects are much more difficult to achieve.

The golf courses of Ecuador

Aves Travels works together with the golf courses below, among other things because you can rent the golf set at all these courses. No minimum handicap is required, but you must be able to prove your handicap. Very nice to know that you will be accompanied by a caddy on all these courses. You will notice how this experienced assistant increases your pleasure in the game during a round of golf on your vacation. The caddy is especially valuable when you walk a course for the first time. They advise on club choices, provide information about the course and know how the wind will influence your stroke. This allows you to fully enjoy the game and the environment!


Los Cerros Club de Golf – This par 72 golf course was designed by Rafael and Jaime Villegas. The course is 7163 meters long and offers exceptional views, with the emphasis on the city of Quito in the northeast, the Cotopaxi volcano (active) in the south and the Antisana (ecological nature reserve) to the east. Hole 17 in particular is a gem with a view of the Cotopaxi volcano behind the green. Los Cerros is located in the Los Chillos valley.

Arrayanes Country Club – This exclusive par 71 golf course with a length of 6600 meters offers you a challenging round with narrow but well-defined fairways. This course was also designed by Jaime Villegas, with the holes nicely integrated into the landscape of the Andes. A great example is the challenging par 5 of hole 15, where you play over a huge canyon and you reach the green via a 100-meter bridge.

Club Los Chillos – Club Los Chillos is a 9-hole golf course, par 36. The course has no long fairways, but most greens are protected by water and tall trees, making it one of the most challenging golf courses in Ecuador. The course is in the Los Chillos Valley, very close to Quito.


La Costa Country Club – La Costa Country Club is a beautiful 18 hole / par 72 course with a length of 6230 meters. The club was founded in 1993. This very nice course offers one of the best golf experiences in Ecuador.

Guayaquil Country Club – On the outskirts of Guayaquil lies the particularly beautiful par 73 golf course Guayaquil Country Club. The course has a length of 6500 meters and is the place to play golf in Guayaquil. The course was founded in 1933 by a group of friends, mostly North Americans and Europeans, who settled in Ecuador and were looking for a place to play golf.


Cuenca Tenis y Golf Club – Founded in 1952. Although this is “only” a 9-hole course, it is a gift to play here. The fairways are wide and sufficiently long with 2 teeboxes per hole. This par 36 golf course is well maintained and designed to be enjoyed.

Inspiring holidays

To give you an idea what a holiday could be like and to inspire you for your next vacation, we have already compiled two trips for you.

A 20-day golf trip – this is a very luxurious golf trip, where perception of the diverse nature in Ecuador plays a major role. You stay in the most beautiful hotels and haciendas in Ecuador. You play on four different courses and you go on an 8-day expedition cruise on the Galapagos.

A 21-day golf trip – during this trip you will spend more time on the mainland of Ecuador and you go to the Galapagos Islands for 5 days. You play on five different courses.

Are you inspired? Contact us; we are happy to put together the journey that exactly matches your wishes.

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