“An experience that you will savour and talk about for years to come”

Luxury, comfort and authenticity; this luxury golf holiday will stimulate all your senses

A luxury journey in which you combine your passion for golf with love for nature and culture. You stay in the best hotels and haciendas Ecuador has to offer and play on beautiful golf courses. During this trip you will become acquainted with the wide range of possibilities in this fascinating country. You will explore the cloud forest, experience adventure in the Andes Mountains with its active volcanoes and you will visit South America’s best-preserved colonial city: Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You end your trip in style with an 8-day expedition cruise on one of the most beautiful yachts in the Galápagos Islands. An experience that you will savour and talk about for years to come!


In Ecuador you can play golf at a very high level, literally! Imagine getting ready to tee off at 2700 meters, an undulating fairway crossed by small rivers and streams in front of you and the majestically snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains in the background. In the vicinity of Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca you will find well-maintained, exclusive golf courses. Some of these were completely private and closed to the public until recently. Aves Travels is proud to offer you the chance to play in this extraordinarily beautiful country.

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Touch the Soul Ecuador (10 days)

This journey takes you to the soul of colourful Ecuador. You will visit colonial Quito, stay in a luxurious lodge in the most beautiful cloud forest of the country and you will go on an adventure at two grandiose haciendas in the Andes Mountains.

Unique golf holiday including Galápagos (21 days)

A journey in which you combine your passion for golf with your love for nature and culture. You play beautiful golf courses, explore tropical forests, enjoy historic haciendas in the Andes, active volcanoes and the most beautiful colonial cities in South America: Quito and Cuenca, both declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You end your trip with a 4-day expedition cruise in the Galápagos Islands.

Adventurous Ecuador (17 days)

This beautiful, adventurous journey will introduce you to all facets of Ecuador. Nature and an active holiday predominate. You will explore the Amazon, mountain bike among the volcanoes and descend along refreshing waterfalls. The chosen hotels are basic but very good and attractive.