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Posted by Marianne Salmans

“Birders are increasingly using cameras in addition to, and sometimes as a replacement of, their binoculars.”

With our name, Aves Travels, and Galápagos, Ecuador & Peru as focus areas in our portfolio, specialist birding tours are of course an important part of our holiday offer. In partnership with Tropical Birding – the absolute world’s best in birding and photography tours – we offer unique nature holidays in Ecuador and Peru. Accommodations in pristine areas, the very best guides and of course the sublime locations for spotting rare birds are at your disposal. You can participate in an international group tour or even choose your individual holiday with your guide. As a specialist we take your needs and wishes one step further.

Birdwatching or photography – the merger of two worlds

Anyone who has recently gone out birding has undoubtedly noticed that birders are increasingly using cameras in addition to, and sometimes as a replacement of, their binoculars. Photographers also spend more time observing birds and wildlife than they used to. Research by Tropical Birding has shown that there has been an undeniable shift in focus among at least 40% of birders, who now consider photography an essential part of birdwatching. A snapshot to preserve a birding experience, perhaps to share on social media, and for many, to aid in the identification of tricky species or to document rarities. Without a doubt, the camera has become an indispensable tool in their arsenal, even though seeing and enjoying birds remains the most important element of their hobby.

However, the traditional bird watcher with binoculars has different expectations of a trip than a birder armed with a camera. Do you recognize these situations: you often find yourself at the back of a group because you needed more time to take that perfect photo? Or do you miss that one beautiful moment, because you feel guilty that you only want to take a picture and do not want to stop the group any further? A “Birding with a Camera Tour” is probably a perfect option for you! Aves Travels offers unique birding tours that are specifically aimed at both target groups.

What is the difference?

Birders who love photography want to be on a tour where they can see lots of birds and take lots of pictures. They want an extremely knowledgeable guide who knows the vocalizations, taxonomy and identifying features. But they also want a guide who knows how to photograph birds, understands lighting, camera gear and can teach basic photo processing.. This guide does not only know how to find the birds and inform you about their backgrounds. In addition, this guide will also provide instructions such as, “Guys, this is a small bird, but it will probably get very close when I make the call. It is very likely to settle on these branches at eye level, so get ready for that, and I recommend that you set the depth of field between f5.6 and f8 to get a good out-of-focus background.”

On a birding tour with Aves Travels

All our tailor-made holidays start with the wishes of our customers. Let us know where your interests lie; do you have specific bird species you want to spot? The desired pace of your journey. Do you set limits to physical conditions and difficulty of the hikes? Would you prefer to go on a group trip or rather individually with a guide? And are your binoculars or camera your most important accessory? Please find a beautiful birding journey here. This is an example tour of the extensive possibilities we offer; we will craft your next birding holiday completely to your wishes!

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