It is said that a visit to Galápagos may be a life changing moment. And so it was!

About Aves Travels

My name is Marianne, founder of Aves Travels.

Aves Travels was founded out of passion for Ecuador & Peru and for the love of the Galápagos Archipelago. The mission of Aves Travels goes back to my personal beliefs. Years ago, I took a conscience decision that each vacation should count as a once in a lifetime experience, a time to discover new places and cultures and enjoy moments that touch the soul. Together with my partner, we travelled to all corners of the world. In one of those years we also wanted to tick the box “Ecuador and Galápagos”. It became far more than that. An instant love for the country, the people and the serenity of the islands have taken me back to visit many times after. Broadening my Latin-American horizon further, the discovery of Peru followed quickly thereafter. It is said that a visit to Galápagos may be a life changing moment. And so it was! What normally could have been just another amazing vacation became my lifetime destiny and Aves Travels was born.

With a close circle of local friends and solid partnerships in Ecuador and Peru, I want you to experience this magnificent part of the world as well.

What we do

The same philosophy that I apply to my own vacations is the vision behind Aves Travels: to craft journeys that touch the soul. We cater to the traveler, not the tourist. We want our guests to have an immersive experience and an emotional connection to its destination. I don’t believe in standard packages, far from it! We will ask many questions because we want to understand your wishes, your vacation dreams, your personal motivations and what you hope to find. Each of our journeys is as individual as the person it is created for. The subtle differences determine your journey of a lifetime.

“We opened the doors of hotel rooms ourselves and we walked barefoot on the decks of the ships. With that personal knowledge and the love for these countries, we create your journey ”

Why travel with Aves Travels?

… your experience is at the centre of our attention. The decision making process to go on a distant journey, in particular a visit to the Galápagos Islands, often takes years. Now that you have chosen your destination, we want to ensure that your experience is above expectations.

… we experienced it personally. We often travel to the Galápagos, Ecuador and Peru. We opened the doors of hotel rooms ourselves and we walked barefoot on the decks of the ships. With that knowledge and the love for these destinations we create your journey.

… we maintain relationships with the most experienced and professional tour operators in Ecuador and Peru. For Galápagos we usually work directly with the owners of the ships. We know all our partners personally. We cherish these local relationships and at the same time remain completely independent. This gives us total freedom of choice to make the “perfect match” for you.

Thank you!

The photos and film fragments on our website were taken by Aves Travels or were created by loving contributions from friends, traveling companions and our valued local partners. A special thank you to Senne Sultan, Kirsty & Lonnie Pack and Rafael Pesantes for your beautiful images!

Are you interested to go on a journey? Contact us, we love to inspire!

Aves Travels supports 'La Sonrisa Naranja'

With your journey, you will support ‘La Sonrisa Naranja’. La Sonrisa Naranja is a medical center in El Barrio Horizontes del Fortin, a development area in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The Dutch foundation of the same name was founded in September 2007 to support the work of doctors Gonzalo Bonilla and Els van der Linden in Ecuador. Both Gonzalo and Els are doctors. The objective of both doctors is to provide medical care to people who cannot afford the desired care under normal circumstances.