“Experience luxury, authenticity and breathtaking beauty”

Why Aves Travels?

Will it be the Galápagos Archipelago, Ecuador or Peru? Go on a journey with Aves Travels to these beautiful destinations and your vacation will be luxurious, authentic and immersive. We purposely seek places and moments that will amaze and inspire you. A few weeks a year to discover new cultures. A time to broaden your horizon. Be moved by new experiences and create memories that last a lifetime.

“The Galápagos Archipelago offers a unique opportunity to be totally immersed in another world, completely detached from normal day life.”


A dream destination for many. Rare birds are within close reach, you will stand face to face with prehistoric iguanas or walk besides penguins. Snorkelling among turtles gliding peacefully through the water and the indescribable joy of watching sea lions play and dolphins jump from the water.

The Galápagos are as our planet once was: untouched, pure and magnificent. Experience what it means to genuinely be at one with nature.

It doesn't matter what type of adventurer you are, we will create a journey to your heart’s desire

Aves Travels offers you the journey of a lifetime. Are you traveling alone? We know where you can stay without paying a single supplement. Are you seeking a romantic destination to celebrate your honeymoon or potentially propose to the love of your life? Aves Travels knows where to go. Do you want to go hiking, canyoning, horseback riding or just want to spend a very relaxing holiday? Everything is possible. Traveling with children to the Galápagos Islands is incredibly fun and educational. We know which ships are most suitable for families. If you are traveling with a group, we can even charter an entire yacht for you! Nothing is too crazy for us. Share your wildest dreams and we will make them come true.

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Aves Travels specializes in luxury journeys to Galápagos, Ecuador and Peru. Under “Promotions” you will find beautiful Galápagos cruise expeditions at a favourable rate. Besides our seasonal offers, we will always strive to craft the most inspiring journey within your budget. Speak to us, your journey of a lifetime starts here!