“Travel back in time to ancient civilisations.”

About Peru

Peru is considered one of the six “cradles of civilisation” in the world; its society originates from the oldest civilisation in America, 5,000 years ago. A journey through Peru is a journey back in time of its intriguing history. Rediscover the exciting cultures of the Incas, Chancas, Chachapoyas, Mochicas and Wari. Admire their great works of art, their festivities and the origins of their existence. Learn about Peru in its present day, with Western, East Asian and African influences. Modern cities, archaeological excavations and a very hospitable population merge harmoniously into a destination that will fascinate and move you.

“Be part of the great cultural heritage of the Peruvian people!”

The Peruvian landscape is as diverse as its inhabitants. Deserts, mountains, forests, the Amazon and the sea; unique flora and fauna. Peru has it all. Experience Peru and discover these different worlds; Travel back in time to ancient civilisations and be part of the great cultural heritage of the Peruvian people.


Peru stretches along the west coast of Latin America. With a coastline of 3,000 km, it is the third largest country on the continent after Brazil and Argentina. Wherever you are in Peru, the beauty of the landscape will enchant you: rivers, mountain ranges, desert and impenetrable rainforest will accompany you on your way. Are you curious to know which places you could visit in Peru and which parts are the most precious gems? Our article “Peru in a nutshell” will tell you all you need to know.

The Inca Empire

Peru is synonymous with the Inca history in Latin America. Although the real power of this empire lasted only 100 years, it has left an important trace in history. The origins of the Inca empire lie in today’s Cusco. Here, a small community began to flourish in the 13th century, growing to eventually become a powerful empire in the 15th century.

The Incas created an incredible civilisation that learned to cultivate the geography of Peru. This ancient society lived in harmony with the rivers, the sun, the rain, the ocean, the rain forest, and the cold drought of the Andes.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Peru entirely depends on which areas of the country you would like to see. Due to the extremes of desert, Andes and Amazon landscapes, temperature and weather vary greatly throughout the country. The year is divided into a wet (November to April, with the wettest months from January to April) and dry (May to October) season. July and August attract by far the largest number of visitors due to the holiday season.


With 2 restaurants in the World’s best Top 10, Peru’s cuisine alone is reason enough to visit. The culinary discovery goes beyond top restaurants or the well-known ceviche. Peruvian cuisine reflects the diversity of its landscapes and its many cultures. Pre-colonial dishes such as “cuy chactado” fuse with Spanish, Chinese (Chifa), African and Japanese (Nikkei) influences. Modern “super foods” such as quinoa were already on the Inca menu. Savour mum’s cooking at home, stroll around the markets, taste the fresh fruit and dine in one of the famous restaurants. You will enjoy culinary delights at all levels!

Overnight in Peru

Authenticity, hospitality and comfort are the main ingredients of a beautiful accommodation. And Peru offers many possibilities. In the cities you will stay in historic buildings, Belle Époque villas or former monasteries with the comfort of today. Spread across the country, Peru has numerous lodges and haciendas that allow you to fully enjoy nature. Beautiful gardens and expansive views of mountain landscapes are at the centre of attention. From small-scale to very luxurious options. The thought of the Amazon quickly evokes images of itchy insects and warm nights. For early explorers, the trek through the jungle was still a tough ordeal, but nowadays a comfortable welcome awaits. The Peruvian jungle offers two options. You can stay in one of the lodges or spend the night on an Amazon cruise boat.

“Imagine what your journey of a lifetime would look like”

Inspiring holidays

Peru is a destination of extremes. You can travel from the deepest canyon to the highest lake in the world. Cross the country with a luxury train or do a self-drive and discover the unpaved paths with your own car. Would you like to opt for the invigorating spa at a Relais & Chateaux hotel, or do you prefer to stay at a family home and join your new friends for a heart-warming meal.

The itineraries on our website are here to inspire. Read the stories, enjoy the photos and start dreaming at the thought of what your ideal trip would look like. We are happy to help you chart your ideas and wishes. By listening to your wants and needs, we will create the journey of your dreams. We curate tailor-made, truly individual travel experiences to your heart’s desire.

Touch the Soul Peru (11 days)

During this tour you will experience the most beautiful facets of Peru. Colonial cities, impressive landscapes and an intriguing Inca history alternate while staying in luxury and comfort. This is the perfect itinerary to combine with an 8-day Galapagos Islands cruise expedition.

Adventurous Peru (22 days)

This adventurous journey takes you close to real-life Peru and its welcoming residents. The self-driving holiday gives you flexibility to veer away from the well-trodden tourist trails and explore the places of beauty and history at your own pace. You will hike along coffee plantations and regularly stay at the homes of local families.

Peru Exclusive (21 days)

“Peru Exclusive” is the most luxurious journey you can make in Peru. This very complete holiday will introduce you to all the highlights in this versatile and hospitable country. Peru shows you its most beautiful places. You only stay in the most luxurious and attractive accommodations the country has to offer. Longer distances are covered by plane, which means you travel at a relaxing pace. Whilst you will see a lot you will have time to spend a few nights in each place.

Peru Highlights (15 days)

The Amazon, the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca, ingredients for a versatile holiday. Impressive landscapes, an intriguing Inca past and the fascinating present alternate, while staying in authentic hotels and at home with the locals.

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