“Discover versatile Peru in just 15 days”

Discover all the beauty Peru has to offer

During this trip you will experience versatile Peru. Impressive landscapes, an intriguing Inca past and the fascinating present alternate, while staying in authentic hotels and at home with the locals.

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Touch the Soul Peru (11 days)

During this tour you will experience the most beautiful facets of Peru. Colonial cities, impressive landscapes and an intriguing Inca history alternate while staying in luxury and comfort. This is the perfect itinerary to combine with an 8-day Galapagos Islands cruise expedition.

Adventurous Peru (22 days)

This adventurous journey takes you close to real-life Peru and its welcoming residents. The self-driving holiday gives you flexibility to veer away from the well-trodden tourist trails and explore the places of beauty and history at your own pace. You will hike along coffee plantations and regularly stay at the homes of local families.

Peru Exclusive (21 days)

“Peru Exclusive” is the most luxurious journey you can make in Peru. This very complete holiday will introduce you to all the highlights in this versatile and hospitable country. Peru shows you its most beautiful places. You only stay in the most luxurious and attractive accommodations the country has to offer. Longer distances are covered by plane, which means you travel at a relaxing pace. Whilst you will see a lot you will have time to spend a few nights in each place.