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Machu Picchu Rules 2024

Latest Update

  • On December 30th, 2023, the Ministry of Culture unveiled Resolution 000528-2023-MC, boosting daily visitor capacities and introducing new routes to ease congestion and aid in citadel preservation.
  • May 12th, 2024 saw the introduction of 3 new circuits via Resolution 207-2024-MC, effective June 1st, 2024, replacing the old 5.
  • Travelers with tickets purchased before the new circuits’ implementation will receive equivalent options – see table of circuit equivalents below.
  • High season, from June 1st to October 15th and December 30-31, will see daily visitor limits rise from 4500 to 5600.
  • During high season, Circuit 1 and Circuit 3 will offer alternative routes to alleviate congestion.
  • You can buy tickets for the 3 new circuits online at starting May 20th, 2024.
  • Tickets for the Inca Trail, are exclusively available for purchase through official Inca Trail operators via extranet.

Machu Picchu New Circuits 2024 & Maps

The resolution of May 2024 confirms the implementation of three new circuits. These are the same circuits that were originally introduced by the authorities in December 2023.

Circuit 1: ‘Panoramic’

Explores the upper section of the so-called agricultural sector of Machu Picchu (featuring terraces).It’s a panoramic circuit where you can have views of the surrounding mountains Wayna Picchu, Huchuy Picchu and Putucusi as well as the central area of the archaeological site.

There are two options for this circuit:

  1. Circuit 1 Route 1-B: as described above and marked with a red line in map below .
  2. Circuit 1 Route 1-A: as described above and providing access to Machu Picchu Mountain (the backstiched line to ‘Montaña Machu Picchu’).
Circuit 1 - Machu Picchu

During the high season (from June 1st to October 15th and December 30-31) two further options are available::

  1. Circuit 1 Route 1-C: as described above and in addition providing access to the Sun Gate (look for Intipunku in the map).
  2. Circuit 1 Route 1-D: as described above and in addition providing access to the Inca Bridge (look for ‘Puente Inka’ in the map).

Circuit 2: ‘Classic’

This circuit, which is highly sought after by visitors, encompasses both the agricultural and urban sectors of Machu Picchu. Along the route, you’ll encounter landmarks such as the Inca quarry, the Sun Temple lookout point, the Sacred Stone, the storages known as Qolqas, and the Temple of the Condor, among other sites depicted in the map below.

There are 2 options when choosing this circuit:

  1. Circuit 2 Route 2-A: as described above and including the ‘Guard House’  – one of the most popular spots in Machu Picchu (for the panoramic picture)
  2. Circuit 2 Route 2-B: as described above but not including the ‘Guard House’
Circuit 2 - Machu Picchu

Circuit 3: ‘Royal’

This tour explores the lower section of Machu Picchu, encompassing the agricultural terraces before delving into the urban sector. Notable attractions in this area include the Water Mirrors, Pisonay Square, the Temple of the Condor, and the Sacred Stone.

There are 2 options when choosing this circuit:

  1. Circuit 3 Route 3-B: : as described above
  2. Circuit 3 Route 3-A: as described above and in addition providing access to Wayna Picchu (see the yellow arrows indicating the path to ‘Montaña Wayna Picchu’)
Circuit 3 - Machu Picchu

During the high season (from June 1st to October 15th and December 30-31) two further options are available:

  1. Circuit 3 Route 3-C: as described above and in addition providing access to ‘Gran Caverna’ (Great Cavern)
  2. Circuit 3 Route 3-D: as described above and in addition providing access to ‘Huchuy Picchu’


Circuit 3 Route 3-D

Table of Circuit Equivalents

Travelers with tickets purchased before the new circuits’ implementation will receive equivalent options for visits starting from June 1st, 2024.

Table old and new circuits Machu Picchu

Personal Data Required for Purchase

Entrance tickets to Machu Picchu are issued based on personal data and are non-transferable or refundable. The following details are needed to buy tickets:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth

Due to the limited number of visitors, we recommend buying tickets at least 45 days in advance.
There is no sales point at the entrance to Machu Picchu itself!

Price Reduction for Children & Students

  • Children under 3 years of age do not have to pay admission.
  • A reduced price applies to children/teenagers up to the age of 17.
  • Students up to 25 years of age receive a discount on the presentation of a valid student ID from their university (an ISIC student ID is not sufficient).

Visiting rules

  • At the entrance, every visitor must show their ticket and passport. Students must also present their valid student ID.
  • Visit duration is generally limited to a maximum of 2,5 hours.
  • The only exceptions are tickets for the surrounding mountain peaks Wayna Picchu, Machu Picchu Mountain, and Huchuy Picchu, which allow for a longer entry.
  • The entry ticket entitles you to a single entry. It is not possible to leave and re-enter the citadel with the same ticket.
  • It is recommended to have a tour guide accompany you on your first visit to Machu Pichu. However, it is not mandatory.

Admission times

  • Machu Picchu is open to visitors daily from 6:00 to 17:30
  • Visits are not possible outside of these times.
  • When purchasing the admission ticket, a fixed time slot of 60 minutes must be selected for admission.
  • This can no longer be changed after it has been issued.
  • The last slot starts at 15:00 hrs

According to the resolution of May 2024, visitors purchasing tickets for specific entry slots are granted a tolerance period of 30 minutes during low season and 45 minutes during high season. This means that arrivals are permitted within the designated tolerance time frame for each slot.


  • You may not take large bags, groceries, and disposable bottles into the citadel.
  • You can only carry one small bag with you.
  • Walking sticks are allowed for physically challenged and elderly visitors (only if equipped with a rubber tip).

Surrounding Mountain Peaks

Some of our travelers want to explore one of the surrounding mountains of Machu Picchu. These are: Machu Picchu Mountain, Wayna Picchu Mountain, and Huchuy Picchu Mountain.

  • Machu Picchu Mountain
  • Wayna Picchu Mountain
  • Huchuy Picchu Mountain

The following table depicts which circuit you need and the number of daily entrance tickets available online:

Wayna Picchu

Wayna Picchu is one of the mountain peaks that surround Machu Picchu. It is probably the most famous as it towers over Machu Picchu in the background in many photos. The ascent takes place on a narrow and extremely steep path and takes around 45 – 60 minutes, depending on the pace. Once at the summit, a fantastic view of the whole of Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountains awaits.

Since the path is very narrow and exposed in some places, we recommend this hike for experienced and sure-footed hikers. We highly recommend sturdy shoes.

Allowed time to visit Wayna Picchu and Machu Picchu: 5.5 hours

Huchuy Picchu & Wayna Picchu

Huchuy Picchu

Huchuy Picchu is something like the little brother of Wayna Picchu. Huchuy Picchu is right next to the checkpoint at the Sacred Rock and can be reached on a hike of around 15 minutes. Compared to the other options, this hike is significantly easier and shorter and therefore also possible for less experienced travelers.

Allowed time to visit Huchuy Picchu and Machu Picchu: 3.5 hours

Machu Picchu Mountain

Machu Picchu Mountain, which is also the Apu (sacred mountain) for the complex, is located south of the citadel, opposite Wayna Picchu. The hike partly leads through dense vegetation, but always rewards you with great views of Machu Picchu and the surrounding area.

It takes about 90 minutes to get to the top of Machu Picchu Mountain, depending on your pace. The path leads over a lot of stairs. We recommend having a good physical condition and sturdy shoes for this route.

Allowed time to visit Machu Picchu Mountain and Machu Picchu: 7 hours

Uitzicht vanaf Machu Picchu Mountain

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