Habla Español?

Posted by Marianne Salmans

“Register for an online course with a native speaker!”

English is rarely spoken in Ecuador nor Peru. A basic knowledge of the Spanish language is essential If you want to be truly in touch with the culture and better understand the local customs. Exchanging a few words with the people you meet along the way, sharing moments of laughter and having a conversation with the support of gestures and a smile. It makes a journey so much more beautiful and valuable.

Cómo aprender?

There are many creative ways to learn Spanish. Above all, immerse yourself in the language before you travel: listen to Spanish music, choose a Spanish radio station, visit Spanish websites, try to read Spanish newspapers and books with the dictionary in hand or watch Spanish films. Netflix for example has a production hub in Madrid and therefore offers a large number of Spanish films and series with subtitles in your language.

Our most important tip: register for an online course with a native speaker! Several Spanish schools in Ecuador and Peru also offer private or group lessons online. This method offers many advantages:

  • You will receive private lessons from a professional teacher at very competitive rates and can thus determine your own pace.
  • Your teacher speaks native Spanish with the accent of the country you will be visiting. You will get used to the sound of Spanish that is spoken locally. And did you know that Ecuador is even one of the most popular countries to learn Spanish? People here speak a bit slower and with a clear pronunciation by nature.
  • You will immediately learn about the local culture. Local customs are part of the teaching materials and you can already ask your teacher about the places you will visit during your vacation. They will be happy to give you the truly local insider tips.
  • You have a friend on site. Residents of Ecuador and Peru are extremely welcoming. What could be more fun than making an appointment with your teacher during your trip to meet each other in person and have a cup of coffee when you are in the area. Arriving at your holiday destination with the knowledge that you already know someone locally gives a very special feeling of ‘coming home’.

Below is a list of certified schools that also teach online:
(click on the name to go directly to the website)


You can even take online classes from the Galápagos Islands. What could be more fun than getting close to the ‘tortugas’ and ‘lobos marinos’ while you prepare for your dream holiday:

Galápagos Language Academy


Instituto Superior de Español

Don Quijote / Academia Columbus Quito

Estudio Sampere Cuenca
(make sure to book with a teacher in Cuenca)

Academia Latinoamericana de Español
(make sure to book with a teacher in Ecuador)

Simon Bolivar Spanish School Quito/Cuenca


Enforex Cuzco 
(make sure to book with a teacher in Peru)

Academia Latinoamericana de Español
(make sure to book with a teacher in Peru)

Máximo Nivel Cuzco

Amauta Spanish School Cuzco

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