“Overnight in beautiful hotels on 3 different islands combined with the most beautiful exploration tours”

Island Hopping the Galápagos Archipelago

This versatile holiday allows you you to discover the Galápagos Islands through Island Hopping. You will stay in hotels of your choice (from mid-range to ultimate luxury) on 3 different islands, going from island to island by airplane; quickly and comfortably. Experience the islands like a local, dine at wonderful restaurants and explore nature on excellent day trips.

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Touch the Soul Galápagos; 8-day Cruise Expedition

This voyage combines one of the best possible itineraries with by far the most elegant ship in the Galápagos Islands. You visit spectacular locations aboard a historic yacht; a journey that touches the soul.

Touch the Heart Galápagos; 8-day Cruise Expedition

Go back in time aboard an iconic barquentine and visit the ages of pirates and whalers. Discover the Galápagos in all its facets: animal life, fauna, volcanic landscapes and human history. This 360° perspective of the Galápagos Archipelago will make your stay impressive and comprehensive.

Touch Adventure Galápagos; 5-day Cruise Expedition

A somewhat smaller ship, a somewhat shorter itinerary. Adventurous with great visitor sites! During this trip you will visit some of the best snorkelling areas in the Archipelago.