Ecuador, an amazing experience!

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I had the pleasure to meet Greet and Ed for the first time at my stand during the Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht, in January 2020. A few days later I received their nice message on my email:

“We listened with great interest to your enthusiastic story about Ecuador. The concept of Aves Travels appeals to us very much and that is why we have decided that we wish to take a trip with Aves Travels to Ecuador in the autumn of 2021.”

Unfortunately, things turned out completely differently at first; the world quickly went ‘into lockdown’ due to Covid and planning a nice trip was not an option for the time being. But my dear customers kept in touch. For two years I regularly received a small update and they inquired whether everything was going well on my side. Incredibly heartwarming!

Until we were in touch again in 2022 and they asked me to organize a nice trip for October 2023. After extensive consultation about their wishes, we actually reached a perfect set-up rather quickly. The result was a versatile 23-day trip through mainland Ecuador. A visit to the Otavalo region, a stay in Parque El Ángel (“an absolute highlight”), the cloud forest, the historic cities of Quito and Cuenca, the Amazon, the mighty volcanoes of the Andes Mountains, and a wonderful few days of relaxation on the coast, with a day trip to Isla de la Plata. It is possible to see and experience a large variety of nature and culture in 3 weeks. Upon their return, it was a true pleasure to speak to two very enthusiastic travelers.

The nice photo with this post shows our adventurers among the frailejones at the beautiful Parque El Ángel. A nature reserve with extremely rare plant species. This area is not often visited, because it is slightly off the beaten path and you need a little more time to explore it properly. Also see our blog at the bottom of this page if you want to learn more about Parque El Ángel.

Greet and Ed write on Trustpilot (translated by Aves Travels from Dutch):

Ecuador, an amazing experience!

“In the run-up to our trip to Ecuador, we had frequent contact with Marianne Salmans from Aves Travels. Contact via email, app and telephone. This went very smoothly. Our wishes and ideas were picked up and enhanced with good suggestions and proposals. This resulted in a beautifully organized individual trip. The journey truly ran like clockwork. All transfers from hotels and guides went smoothly. We were able to make a tour to special places that are hardly known. Because we were accompanied by expert guides, we were able to experience the country truly from within. We highly recommend Aves Travels to anyone who wants to make a special and high-quality journey!

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