A group of four goes Galápagos

Posted by Grace & Ad

In September 2022 we received a kind request from Ad. Together with his partner Grace and his son with partner, they wanted to make a nice cruise of about 8 days among the Galápagos Islands. Son and partner had been traveling in South America for some time, so the journey started with them meeting in Quito. We provided a pleasant start with a visit to Mitad del Mundo in the Quito area and the next day the flight to Galápagos for an 8-day expedition cruise aboard the Monserrat. The holiday ended in Guayaquil for a convenient connection back to the Netherlands.

Upon return, we spoke to our guests. They were enthusiastic about the fantastic experiences they had in the Galápagos; from the fact that the animals have no fear of mankind to the impressive snorkelling experience with sharks. We received the above beautiful picture of the sea turtle from Grace and Ad.

Grace and Ad have shown their gratitude with a thoughtful review on Trustpilot (translated by Aves Travels from Dutch):

Honest and knowledgeable organizer

Marianne is very knowledgeable, she gave us extensive information. She responds quickly and is helpful, if you have a question or request she will sort it out. Thanks to her, we are a beautiful life experience richer through this trip! Thank you!

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