“When you travel in a sustainable way with care and interest for your destination, you also make an important contribution to the economy in the country you are visiting”

Donate now to ‘La Sonrisa Naranja’ and receive a discount on your next holiday

Dream now, travel later. A theme that is frequently used in the travel industry today. However, whilst we dream about that beautiful holiday in the future, action in the present is necessary. This is why Aves Travels introduces: Donate now, travel later.

Sustainable travel

When you travel in a sustainable way with care and interest for your destination, you also make an important contribution to the economy in the country you are visiting. In Ecuador, countless people live from tourism. Everyone you meet along the way, your driver, your guide, the waiter at the restaurant, the receptionist at your hotel, the craftsman in that small shop where you can buy a nice souvenir… behind all these people there is a family they support and in turn a community where they go shopping. This value chain is now completely broken. There is no income and no safety net; one is left to its own devices until tourism can be picked up again. But during this crisis the income is needed more than ever before.

Donate now - Travel later

Because there is no travel and we cannot support the local communities through tourism, Aves Travels has started a new project:

Donate now – Travel later

an initiative to support ‘La Sonrisa Naranja’.

About La Sonrisa Naranja

I became acquainted with ‘La Sonrisa Naranja’ through this article in the NRC newspaper, written by Arjan Meesterburrie, correspondent in Ecuador.

La Sonrisa Naranja is a medical center in El Barrio Horizontes del Fortin, a development area in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The Dutch foundation of the same name was founded in September 2007 to support the work of doctors Gonzalo Bonilla and Els van der Linden in Ecuador. Both Gonzalo and Els are doctors. The objective of both doctors is to provide medical care to people who cannot afford the desired care under normal circumstances. In addition to medical care, there is a small gym and the foundation organizes activities that develop and strengthen the children and young people. During this crisis, food is also distributed to the poorest families in the district.


Would you like to support Els and Gonzalo in their amazing work? Make your donation to:

IBAN: NL53 TRIO 0784 8377 24
attn. Stichting La Sonrisa Naranja
in Rotterdam

Donate now – Travel later

The setup is simple. If you donate to this valuable foundation now, you will receive a discount on your holiday later when you book with Aves Travels. The discount will be to the amount that you have donated, up to a maximum of 5% of your travel sum.

When you want to book a trip to Ecuador, you only need to send your proof of transfer to Aves Travels to be eligible for your discount. Please note, your donation can only be applied as a discount to your journey and cannot be refunded in cash. In addition, Aves Travels only accepts customers from Western Europe.

Would you like to receive further information? Contact us, we are pleased to assist you!